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Ningbo Royalux Lighting Co., Ltd.

Outdoor wall lights, LED bollards, solar garden lights

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    Pingtang Industrial Park, Dongwu, Yinzhou, Ningbo, Zhejiang, China
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Company Profile
Royalux Lighting designs and manufactures a stunning attractive range of outdoor LED light fixtures. Founded in 2007 by George Mou, Royalux Lighting is built on a foundation of pure commitment to creating cutting-edge LED lighting solutions with exquisite industrial designs that breathe life into architectural spaces to make a lasting impression. The company offers architects, lighting contractors, and outdoor design professionals a complete palette of sophisticated lighting problems that include outdoor wall lights, LED bollards and solar garden lights. Through the years, Royalux had stayed true to its growth strategy and sustainable development by keeping a genuine passion for inspirational designs and exceptional durability with superior energy-efficiency and minimal maintenance requirements.

Royalux Lighting was born with a design "DNA" which originates in the studio of the well-known J&W Design Ltd., and the creativity-immersed designers Wilfried Buelacher and Jackie Luo. It is this distinction that helps Royalux carved a niche within the industry. The Royalux lighting fixtures are fabricated with a purposeful design ethos to create a sensible interplay between architecture and luminaires. These products are welcomed by leading architects, lighting designers and artists around the world who are concerned with creating a balanced, inspiring, comfortable and appealing environment. Royalux' design excellence is well recognized by the design professionals. The company's four products models received the Red Dot Product Design 2107 Award.

The strong visual impression and timeless design vocabulary combined with versatile functionality and unpromising quality have built Royalux a reputation as a premier lighting manufacturer that combine elegant artistic design with serious engineering performance. With an in-house research, development, engineering and mass-production facility, Royalux builds reliability and durability into every product while highlighting the style and incorporation innovation.
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